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Things to Do on Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu is the main island of Hawaii. It is home to the famous Waikiki Beach, North Shore, and the state’s capital: Honolulu. This island has many activities to offer all ages, some you may not even know about!

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The most obvious thing to do on an island is go to the beach. Waikiki has many water activities available including surfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, outrigger canoe surfing, and much more! For the more adventurous, parasailing, waterskiing, and riding on a banana boat are all great options available on Waikiki. If you’re looking for a bit more relaxation, you can always grab a mai tai and lay on the beach! For more advanced surfers, you may want to head to the North Shore on the opposite side of the island. This world famous surf spot is sure to amaze!


Underwater Scooter

This unique experience will likely be the highlight of your trip! The BOB underwater scooters take you underwater while your head remains in a bubble of air. A bag of fish food floats in front of you to ensure you meet all kinds of tropical fish! The scooters are easy to maneuver and fun to drive! I would recommend this exciting experience to anyone visiting Oahu!


Hanauma Bay

This popular snorkel spot is great for beginners, and still amazing for experts! The reef surrounding the bay breaks up waves which keeps the water in the bay calm. Sharks and other large fish are also kept out by this reef, leaving plenty of fish inside the bay. The shallow water makes this spot a great starting point for those just learning how to snorkel. If you are not planning on getting in the water, there is a beachy area where you can lay out and relax.

Dole Plantation

The Dole pineapple plantation is located on Oahu, just 40 minutes outside of Honolulu. Here you take a stroll through the growing pineapples, grab some lunch at the visitor center, or take one of the tours available. Garden and train tours are popular, as well as the pineapple garden maze (1). My personal favorite thing at the plantation is the Dole whip! Dole whip is pineapple ice cream which can be eaten as soft serve or as a float with pineapple juice. There is nothing better than Dole whip on a hot day!


Pearl Harbor

This historical navy base is a great place to visit, especially if you love history. I personally never loved history growing up, but this harbor was very interesting to visit. Hearing the stories of everyone present during the attack on pearl harbor made the event more real and somber, but also made me more appreciative of the memorial itself. This is a great addition to any Hawaiian vacation.

What else would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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