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Sydney Opera House Tour | Visiting Guide

Sydney is an amazing city and is home to one of the most famous buildings in the world: the Sydney Opera House. Visitors may not know what to expect. Is a Sydney Opera House tour worth the cost? Which tour is right for me? Everything you need to know when visiting the Sydney Opera House is outlined right here for you! In this guide, I’ll go over:

  • How to get there
  • What tours options and details
  • Cost of tours
  • Photo opportunities

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

How to Get There

If you are staying in Sydney, decide if you are close enough to walk or cycle to the opera house using the city’s bike sharing program. Ubers and taxis are also available if you are staying a bit further away. All of these public transportation options are great, but the best way to get to the opera house as well as other local attractions is by riding the hop-on-hop-off bus. This is a great option as it is one price to ride the bus all day. You pass by every major Sydney attraction, including the Sydney Opera House. When you get to something you want to see, simply get off at that stop. When you are ready to continue your journey, hop on the next bus. It’s really that easy! I have gone on these kinds of buses in several places around the world and I think it is the easiest way to see the highlights of any city.

Sydney Opera House Tour Options

The Sydney Opera House Tour

This is the tour my family went on during our visit and is the expected tour most people are looking for. In this tour you are led by a guide through the inside and around the outside of the opera house. Inside the opera house you get to see at least on of the theaters. The specific one you visit varies depending on what performances are going on at the time. Along the way you learn about the architecture and history of the building, which was fascinating to me. One thing I loved about the tour was how easy it was to hear the tour guide. Everyone on the tour wore headsets and the guide wore a headset with a microphone. The guide’s voice was projected into our headsets so there was no fear of missing out on something interesting. Tours are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin.

Backstage Tour

If you want to see first-hand what goes on behind the scenes of a performance, this tour could be for you! See the dressing rooms used by cast members, orchestra pits, hear backstage stories, and more! I did not get a chance to go on this tour myself, but as a theater lover I would definitely be interested in taking this tour on my next visit. In order to avoid interfering with performances, this tour is only offered once a day at 7am. Breakfast is provided at the end of the tour.

Tour and Dine

This option is the same as the Sydney Opera House Tour with the addition of a meal with great views of both the opera house and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Taste of the Opera House

This is a special tour available only once per month! If you are visiting from out of town, be sure to book far ahead of time. This tour allows visitors to eat at four different areas around the opera house for one cost. Any foodie would surely love this opera house experience!

Cost of Tours

Sydney Opera House Tour: $42

Backstage Tour: $175

Tour and Dine: $73

Taste of the Opera House: $295

Photo Opportunities

On your own you are welcome to take as many photos as you’d like! If you purchase a tour, a cameraman will take a photo of your group in front of a green screen. After the tour you have the option to purchase this professional photograph with a background of our choosing, or you can opt for a photo book with several different backgrounds. While this is a fun addition to the tours, I personally prefer to have the real deal in the background. The good news is many people visit the opera house, so you are sure to find someone willing to take a group photo for you!

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