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Why Families Need to Travel Together

This topic is what Vacation Smarter is built upon. I focus on affordable vacations because I know money is the reason many families don’t travel. I want to help people see that traveling really CAN be affordable! Why am I so passionate about families traveling? As a teacher, I know travel is beneficial for the education of kids. In this post, I am going to dive into the specific reasons why families need to travel together.

Educational Impact – Gaining Experiences

When you go to look something up online, how do you choose what to search for? Maybe you are looking up a recipe to cook, a product you want to buy, or you could be looking up information to prove someone else wrong. Regardless of what you are searching for, you are interested in it because you have a personal connection to the topic. This idea of building personal connections is the reason why I believe kids need to travel. As they gain more experiences and explore new places, new interests may be sparked within them. This can help students in and out of school.

In school, students who have personal connections to topics are more engaged in learning. As an example, a word problem in a math class I teach focused on people riding air trams. I could tell which students had ridden a tram and which ones had not because those with this personal connection were explaining to classmates what they were and ended up being more engaged in the math problem. The more experiences a student has, the more opportunities they have to build personal connections to content. In math we try to focus word problems on things most students are familiar with, but in history or language arts classes there are some topics that most students don’t have personal connections with. Especially with history, exploring the world will help students become more engaged in class.

Not only do travel experiences help students in the classroom, they also help with social life. As kids gain experiences, they gain talking points. They also have more opportunities to find common experiences with others. We tend to gain friendships with those we have something in common with. The more experiences, the more people kids can build connections with.

Experience Other Cultures

Often times we get so stuck in our own little worlds and we assume everyone has similar experiences. The amazing thing about traveling is the opportunity for eye-opening experiences that challenge the way you view the world. Getting to step into the life of someone else, even for a little while, can build more empathy and understanding in people.

Strengthen Family

Families need to travel for several reasons, but this could be the most important. One of the main things teachers try to do at the beginning of the school year is create a shared experience because it is proven that shared experiences bring people together. Traveling allows families to create many shared experiences which brings everyone closer. I know this is true because I grew up traveling and as a result I have one of the closest families I know of! Siblings are known for fighting, but my sister and I rarely battle. Although traveling is not a magic trick to bringing together broken families, it can create a bond between people like nothing else can.

How to Start Traveling

When people think of travel, they think of going to different countries across the world. While this is what some people do, it is expensive and going that far from home can be scary. Start by visiting places close to home. Explore the outdoors, explore a museum, or just drive for a while and see where you end up. The best part about traveling is making memories, which is something you can do anywhere! Go for a weekend road trip, and build up to somewhere farther away.

What are you waiting for? Get started!

2 thoughts on “Why Families Need to Travel Together

  1. I would love nothing more than to take my family on a trip. How I long to see the ocean again. To do something. Other than the safe day after day. I want to see more of the world. I totally get it.

    1. I completely agree. I hope sometime soon we can start getting out there safely again.

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