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Valparaíso Elevators (Funiculars) – Chile

Valparaíso is a beach town about an hour and half drive from Santiago, the capital of Chile. This town if filled with hills which is why funiculars, or hillside elevators, were put in place. If you plan on going to Valparaiso, you NEED to take a ride in a funicular. Take in a unique piece of Chilean history while getting where you need to go!

History of Funiculars

26 of Valparaíso’s hillside elevators were built between 1883 and 1932, and the 27th was completed in 1983. Of these 27 unique elevators, only 11 are still operating. Many of these are protected historical monuments.

Which Ones are Operational?

Below is a list of the funiculars you can ride during your visit to Valparaíso! (Note: “cerro” is Spanish for “hill”).

Funiculars in Valparaíso
ArtilleríaCerro Artillería
BarónCerro Lecheros
ConcepciónCerro Concepción
CordilleraCerro Cordillera
El PeralCerro Alegre
Espíritu SantoAldunate 1566, Valparaíso, Chile
Hospital Carlos van BurenCorner of Av. Colon and Hontaneda
PolancoCerro Polanco
Reina VictoriaCerro Alegre
San AgustinCerro Cordillera
VillaneloVillanelo 402, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Chile
Information via Wikipedia

What to Expect from the Ride

Riding a funicular is inexpensive and something you will never forget! The most you should expect to pay is 200 Chilean Pesos, which is about $0.25 US. Because of the low cost you are typically required to pay with cash. Make sure you go to an ATM before trying to ride! While riding the funicular, be sure to look out the windows! Traveling up a hill means you get to see some amazing views of Valparaíso!

Anna’s Pick of the Week

You’re going to need coins and cash to ride the funiculars, so you’re also going to need something to carry them in. While cash fits fine in my typical wallet, I don’t like how fat and lumpy it gets when I carry coins. My solution: carry a coin purse! It’s a simple solution and the bag fits in any backpack and most purses. Sometimes, old school methods are still the best!

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