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Platform 9 ¾, England – Honest Review

As a Harry Potter fan, I knew visiting platform 9 ¾ was something I wanted to do on my trip to London! I had the picture of the movie in my head and I imagined it would look exactly like that. Here’s what you need to know if you plan to visit. 

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Where Is It?

The platform is located in King’s Cross Station. To get there you will need to buy a ticket for the tubes and either enter the tube system at King’s Cross Station or get on the tubes somewhere else and ride to King’s Cross Station. I rode the tubes there and found my way around easily.

What to Expect

When I thought of visiting Platform 9 ¾ , I imagined an actual train platform that had the signs “9” and “10” on either side like you see in the movies. I imagined there might be a fake train that looks like the one students ride to Hogwarts. What a great photo-op that would be!

This is a situation where reality did not meet my expectation. Platform 9 ¾ is the name of a Harry Potter themed gift shop where you can purchase an endless number of Harry Potter themed souvenirs. They do have a cart in the wall like you see in the movies and scarves you can use for a photo. A photographer is available so you can purchase a professional photo of yourself. I opted for having a friend take my photo for free.

Is this experience what I thought it would be? No, it was not as “magical” as I had anticipated, but the picture is still a great memory. Would I recommend visiting? If you are a Harry Potter fan and happen to be in London, I would definitely check it out. Even if it really is just a gift shop, it’s a cool experience for a fan! If you really want an amazing Harry Potter experience, subscribe and watch for a future post about Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida!

Have you visited platform 9 ¾? Let me know what your experience was like!

Anna’s Pick of the Week

If you are a Harry Potter fan in London, you MUST check out the Warner Bros. Harry Potter studio tour! I did not take this tour during my visit, but it is definitely on my list the next time I visit! If this tour is a bit out of your price range, there are tours of London like this one that show you some of the locations they used!

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